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Welcome to Nana's Preschool!


Nana’s Preschool was founded in 1998. Since then, Nana’s Preschool has become one of the leading early childhood development and education preschools in South Florida. Proclaimed by the City of Hallandale Beach.

Our mission is centered on students learning and developmental growth. Teachers provide children with lessons and experiences that inspire and promote creative and critical thinking. 

We believe that each student's potential must be developed thoughtfully through stimulating and challenging experiences. As students take (increasing, individual and collective) responsibility for their development, appropriate structure and high expectations establish a strong foundation and useful framework for learning and creative expression.


Within this framework, we encourage each student to regularly question assumptions, take risks, learn from mistakes and participate in scholarly inquiry.


I cant say enough great things about this school. The teachers and staff are extremely friendly and they each know ALL the kids names. It is extremely clean and spacious and overall a great environment for kids. The educational curriculum is great and they go above and beyond with activities and special events for the kids. My daughter is graduating after being with nanas for two years and I couldnt be happier with the time she spent here. A++ rating for Nanas.

Roxy Jacko

My daughter not only loved this school, she learned a lot as well. She came in not speaking English & left 10 months later speaking it perfectly & getting the highest scores possible on all her assessments. There was never even 1 complaint on her part & she became even more confident. A wonderful, positive experience with great, professional teachers & staff! Thank you for everything.

Rebecca Bailey

I love this school. My daughter went there from 18 months until she was in kindergarten. I am still friends with her friends/classmates parents even though we all graduated to elementary. My son is 18 months and has been going to Nana’s since 11 months. He had a rough transition but all the teachers and administrators know him and have made him come out of his shell and flourish. The teachers and school are so supportive. The sensory activities they do each day are so creative and developmentally stimulating. I am so impressed by the new words he is learning each day and the love and care that is given to him as he grows. I also love that babies diaper changes, napping schedule, eating details and pics for day activities are shared each day which makes it great to have knowledge of each day events. I could not be happier with a daycare/preschool.

Bethany Gumusyazici

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